A successful interactive multimedia installation is like a chain – only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let low-res content and software be the weak links to your 4K and other displays. We deliver the full chain, or assist you with missing links.

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Our core is providing the software link between concept/creative and implementation, for both multitouch projects and motion-activated interaction scenarios (or a combination of the two). Talk to us about your needs.


We work with you to adapt any pre-developed in-house concepts and artwork into interactive campaigns, using any existing display hardware you may already have or are planning to acquire.


We can develop new content to complement your existing artwork. Thanks to our partners, and keeping constantly up to speed with the latest technologies on the market, we can also recommend or provide suitable hardware for your project.

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For Brands

Connecting with the
YouTube Generation

To connect with, and convert, today’s tech savvy consumers, brands must increasingly communicate their values through technology. Luckily, engaging audiences with creative marketing content has never been easier.

Advanced interactive multimedia blurs the line between the online and offline world by connecting virtual and physical environments. Out-of-home rich media screens can now react to a user’s presence and track their behavior. Customers can interact with your products on giant touchscreens, from in-store video walls and touch tables, to interactive storefronts. This is the future that consumers expect today.

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For Agencies

Easy to tailor,

With so many canvases at your disposal – responsive digital signage totems, 4K displays, video walls, custom-design multitouch tables, transparent showcases, and even entire storefront windows – the possibilities of adding interactive to cross-platform campaigns are almost endless.

Coming up with ideas is hard enough without having to worry about execution, which is why you can count on us to make your life easier. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll consult on the concept and program it for you, complete with statistics for measurable results. We offer 30 interactive apps to get you started if you need inspiration, which can be easily adapted to suit your project.

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For AV Integrators

Easy to configure,
Easy to deploy,
Easy to monitor

Our FxMill software was specifically designed and developed with interactive DOOH in mind. This means 24/7 runtime, deployed on hundreds of systems, with real-time monitoring to ensure stable performance.

As a result, the modular client-server architecture provides an unparalleled level of flexibility that can be leveraged for large-scale, complex projects, on any size display.

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